Diamond Synthesis

Carbonyl Iron Powder by Sintez-CIP stands out in such properties as:

– pure iron, no traces of hard metals

– extremely low silicium

– low carbon, superior pressabilty, lower melting temperature

– uniform particle distribution yields advanced mixture characteristics

– fine spherical shape of particles

Carbonyl Iron Powder is an essential catalyst component in advanced powder-based processes for the synthesis of industrial diamonds. These processes (HPHT – high-temparature high-pressure) yield diamonds of considerably higher quality. Consistent properties and chemical purity of CIP are the key factors to assure the stability of the diamond production process. See our BC and BK-4 specs.

Be it belt, BARS or cubic press, all methods use a core reaction cell in which the diamonds are grown. This reaction cell is submitted to the extreme temperatures and pressures needed. Inside the reaction cell a carbon source is placed, as well as some seed crystals. One of the most important elements in the process is the presence of a metal solvent or ‘flux’, which acts as a solvent and transport material of the carbon source to the seed.

This solvent can be iron (Fe) or nickel (Ni) or mixture of the two. This flux makes it possible to synthesize a diamond at much lower temperatures and pressures than necessary for direct conversion of graphite into diamond.

The exact composition of the flux strongly influences the properties of the synthetic diamond, and chemical purity of Carbonyl Iron Powder contributes to the flux composition control extensively.

Mechanical alloys, based on carbonyl iron powder are presented in our “New Developments”!

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