Powder Metallurgy

Press and sinter technology has always vied for higher densities and superior pressibility of processed materials. With Carbonyl Iron Powder you can tweak your press-powder to furnish it with unique properties.

Fine, spherical particles of Carbonyl Iron Powder when admixed to the conventional irregular-shaped gas-atomized powder, fill in the gaps between bigger particles.

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Thus they bring in higher tap density to the whole molding composition porviding for lower shrinkage during delubrication and sintering processes, and higher final densities. Higher densities result into superior mechanical properties.

Explanatory notes:pm pic2

1 – Density,

2 – Electrical conductivity,

3 – Elasticity modulus,

4 – Rupture strength,

5 – Torsional fatigue limit,

6 – Ultimate elongation,

7 – Loading limit.


Reduced grades of Carbonyl Iron Powder feature high chemical purity – very low carbon and oxygen. This is the basis for an excellent and uniform compactibility.

Carbonyl iron powder features superior electromagnetic properties, which makes it unique additive to ferritic stainless steel compositions, for example (saturation, low losses, etc.)

Sintez-CIP offers a choice of grades for press and sinter technology: BK, BK-3, BC, or HK. Please send us your inquiries via our contact page.

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