Magnetorheological Fluids

Magnetorheological Fluids, or MRFs, are suspensions of fine iron particles in a carrier liquid like conventional mineral oil. These liquids exhibit rather exciting magnetic properties with broad application possibilities. A wide variety of mechanical devices have been developed on the basis of MRFs, like treadmills, lenses, polishing systems, shock absorbers for cars, industrial dampers, vibration control systems.

Particle size, shape, density, particle size distribution, chemical composition and impurities, saturation magnetization and coercive field are important characteristics of the magnetically active dispersed phase of a fluid.

Carbonyl Iron Powder manufactured by Sintez-CiP offers superior magnetic properties and meets all the critical requirements:
– consistent chemical composition from batch to batch
– spherical shape of particles
– uniform particle distribution
– medium (up to 12 micron @ d90), fine (up to 8 micron @ d90) and superfine grades
– stable magnetic properties within a wide range of temperatures

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