Mechanical Alloys

Sintez-CIP is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of Carbonyl iron powder (CIP), Iron Phosphide (FeP) and Nickel
(NiP) widely used in diamond tools production industry for such applications as cutting segments, polishing wheels and wire beads, both in cold and hot pressing processes, as well as free sintering. Our products contribute to superior sinterability, diamond grip, controlled hardness and strength of metal bonds.

Especially for the diamond tools industry Sintez-CIP has extended the product range by developing FeNiCo and FeCuCo mechanical alloys to allow our customers to continuously deliver state-of-the-art products at very competitive raw material and manufactuting costs. Our SINTALL® alloy portfolio includes the below materials. The final properties (via hot pressing) show results that stand in line with market-leading brands, such as Keen®, Next® and Mastertec®, or Cobalite®.

Mechanical Alloys

Free samples are available.More detailed data (comparison characteristics,
molding pressure and temperature guides) is available upon request.

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