Diamond Tools

Carbonyl iron powder Iron Phosphide Nickel Phosphide
1. environment friendly nature;

2. advanced diamond grip;

3. lower sintering temperatures (to preserve diamonds’ integrity);

4. shorter sintering cycles;

5. adaptvity to both cold and hot pressing, as well as free sintering;

6. competetive pricing.

Diamond Tools and cutting segments

The challenge for a diamond tool producer is adjust the matrix properties to the specific cutting or grinding task. If the matrix is too hard, there will be the danger that either the diamond itself breaks, or the diamond breaks from the matrix. If the matrix is too soft, the diamondcan “drown” in the matrix. And if itdoes not stick out, of course it will not cut.

Cobalt is used as one of the major components for the matrix by nearly every diamond tool producer in the world.But it is quite expensive, and today almost all diamond tools manufacturers useCarbonyl Iron Powder in their alloys to replace cobalt as much as possible. Though cobalt has sufficient mechanical properties for this application, it does not bind to diamonds very well. In contrast, Carbonyl Iron chemically bonds to the diamond surface by the formation of iron carbide. Therefore a combination of both the metals is often used. Hot pressing diagrams and formulation guides are available upon request via our contact page.

Moreover, cobalt dust, which can be emitted by abrasion when the tool is being used, can cause severe damage to the respiratory system, and is suspected to cause cancer. This could be a health risk for people working in the stone cutting industry.Cobalt is also a heavy metal which should be avoided in waste water streams from cutting operations, unlike Carbonyl Iron Powder which is very friendly to the environment.

As we offer a wide range of Carbonyl Iron Powder grades, customers can adjust the hardness of the embedding matrix according to the requirements of end users.

Sintez-CIP offers a choice of grades for diamond tools industry: BM-1, BK, BK-3, FeP, HC and HM. Please send us your inquiries via our contact page. Hot pressing diagrams are also available upon request.

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