Carbonyl iron powders are supplied in certified steel drums (type 1A2) with net weights of 105kg (230.31lb), 80kg (176.37lb), 70kg (154.32lb), and 25kg (55.12lb) (drum’s capacity, correspondingly, 40lt, 26lt, 12lt) with a poly liner inside. Individual packaging on request.
The steel drum of type 1A2 is a steel barrel with detachable head and strengthening ring with the lock.

Drums dimensions:

43lt drum: height – 480mm (18.91”), outer diameter – 385mm (15.17”), weight – 4kg (8.82lb).

40lt drum: height – 541mm (21.23”), outer diameter – 353mm (13.9”), weight – 4kg (8.82lb).

26lt drum: height – 351mm (13.81”), outer diameter – 328mm (12.92”), weight – 3kg (6.62lb).

12lt drum: height – 341mm (13.43”), outer diameter – 251mm (9.89”), weight – 2kg (4.41lb).

When transported in big lots steel drums are arranged on euro pallets (one or two tiers depending on the required loading). The size of a pallet is length 1200mm (47.25”) x width 800mm (31.5”) x height 144mm (5.67”).

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